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Simplifying Insurance For Over A Decade

Finding the right insurance can be frustrating and time-consuming. Searching countless websites, dealing with robotic agents, and getting flooded with information overwhelms most people.

That's why over a decade ago, our founders started Tree City Insurance Leads - to fix a broken system and take the hassle out of insurance. After dealing with the maze of providers first-hand, they knew there had to be a better way.

Our founders’ journey through the convoluted insurance industry led them to envision a better solution—one that saves people time, money, and frustration. They pioneered the idea of an unbiased online insurance marketplace where top providers compete for your business. By leveraging technology to benefit the customer, they aimed to simplify the insurance process.


Trusted and funded by more then 800 companies

An Online Insurance Marketplace That Puts You First

At Tree City Insurance Leads, we cut through the confusion to make finding insurance easy. How? By creating an unbiased online marketplace powered by technology to benefit you.

Here's how our insurance lead generation platform works: You fill out one form with your details. We instantly deliver your information to our network of top insurance providers who compete for your business. Within minutes, you start receiving custom quotes from real agents happy to answer your questions. With a few clicks, you can easily compare plans and pricing side-by-side.